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“Mark Krakowski Documentary” about the Krakowski parents’ WWII

Building Interior

Yiddishe Mame

Wolf Krakowski
Recommended by Otwarta Rzeczpospolita
Reviewed by the Forward
Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym (The Bent Tree)
Sara Nomberg-Przytyk--Read bio and information
Complete playlist of videos of Sara Nomberg-Przytyk
My Name Is Stella: An Oral History
A young Jewish nursing student in Warsaw survives WWII my adopting a false identity and working as a domestic in the home of an SS officer in Germany.
Friling /Springtime LIVE (Radio Edit)
Wolf Krakowski
Der Kashtnboym - (The Chestnut Tree)
Wolf Krakowski
Over The Rainbow (Yiddish)
 Wolf Krakowski
Di Nekht Fun Amol (Those Nights)
Read Review of Video from the Yiddish Forward or English Translation

Khaye Feygl Dance 2017

Performed @ Kent State University (Kent, Ohio, USA) 12/2/17
Choreographed by Prof. Jeffrey Rockland


Videos (below) from Haim Dror shot while riding his motorcycle through Israel.
The sound of the recordings is compromised by the ambient street and highway sounds.

Israel - Jerusalem Passover 
"Shterndl, Shterndl" & more// "Little Star, Little Star"

Israel - Jerusalem Passover
 "Dos Pintele fun Khe
yn"// "That Little Bit of Charm"

Bet Gurbin towards Bet Shemesh
 ("Ven Du Lakhst"// "When You Laugh")

Purim in Jerusalem ("Ven Du Lakhst" // "When You Laugh" &
 "Zol Shon Kumen di Geule" // "Let the Redemption Come")

Purim in Jerusalem ("Yeder Ruft MIkh Zhamele" // "
"Everyone Calls Me  Zhamele" & "Friling" // " Springtime"


Wolf Krakowski : Friling (Springtime) : Yiddish LIVE in Manhattan


Wolf Krakowski: "Tate-Mame" (My Father and Mother)

Wolf Krakowski @ Frank London's Yiddish Carnival


IN CONCERT: Wolf Krakowski sings "Zingarella"


"Shabes, Shabes" Live : Wolf Krakowski in New York City


Wolf Krakowski and Fraidy Katz:
Lomir Trakhtn Nor Fun Haynt (Let's Just Think About Today)

Recorded in concert at the University of Florida@ Gainesville.


 Wolf Krakowski and the Lonesome Brothers:
Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Geule (Let the Redemption Come)

Recorded in concert at the University of Florida@ Gainesville.


Wolf Krakowski and the Lonesome Brothers:
Ven Du Lakhst (When You Laugh) -- A Yiddish Song

Recorded in concert at the University of Florida@ Gainesville.



A docu-music video of the Olshanetsky-Wolfson song, performed by Fraidy Katz set against images of inter-war Jewish Vilna (Vilnius, Lithuania). A gentle, sensitizing tool for all ages and an excellent short before a main program.
Music " Vilna" from "Di Alte Kashe (The Eternal Question): Fraidy Katz Sings Yiddish"

Watch Vilna on YouTube
Music " Vilna"  from "Di Alte Kashe (The Eternal Question): Fraidy Katz Sings Yiddish"

From The Daily Hampshire Gazette,
It's not your typical music video. No breakneck rock and roll riffs or images of tight-skirted women and bare-chested men.

Instead, hauntingly beautiful lyrics ride landscapes of crowded streets, friendly forests and stone city buildings.

In six minutes of tape faces of Jewish people learning and relaxing, praying and posing fill the screen. And a melody that yearns for the days before World-War II fills your ears.
-- Tzivia Gover

"...wonderful and moving video.
 ...a well-produced and executed piece of work to accompany a touching rendition of this song."


used as a training instrument for personnel associated with the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Project.

a finalist in the Ethnic/Cultural category of the 1992 Hometown USA Video Festival, a project of the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers.

screened in the First Annual Northampton Video Festival in November, 1995.




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