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 The Eternal Question (TEQ), Family Portrait

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"The Eternal Question” / “DI ALTE KASHE”
FRAIDY KATZ sings Yiddish

Produced by Wolf Krakowski and Jim Armenti

The Eternal Question
Top Ten Records of the Year
One World Radio
WHUS, UConnecticut@Storrs

Rated 4.5 stars,  George Robinson, Jewish Week, Read Review

Includes 24-page booklet with song lyrics in Yiddish, transliteration, and English translation. Plus songwriter bios and MORE.

View Youtube Video of VILNA  &
View Youtube Video of DOS PINTELE FUN KHEYN
From The Eternal Question

Listen online to The Forward Hour archive,  WMCA 570-AM (NY/NJ), January27 2007, when  Itzik Gottesman featured selections from The Eternal Question.

Listen online to  The Eternal Question debut with Fraidy Katz and producer Wolf Krakowski live in the studio.  This program was recorded on Dec 18, 2006 on WHUS-fm 91.7 One World Radio, University of Connecticut @Storrs:
http://whuscast.saup.uconn.edu/highrate (High Speed)
http://whuscast.saup.uconn.edu/lowrate (Dialup)

Inquiries: wolfkrakowski@gmail.com