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"For years, Wolf Krakowski wrote and sang his legendary songs without committing them to record, becoming an underground giant. When, in 1997, he released the CD
Transmigrations: Gilgul on his own Kame'a Media label, he sent shockwaves through the world of the contemporary Yiddish avant-garde that are still being felt. Frank London produced Wolf's album Goyrl: Destiny for John Zorn's Tzadik label."

--From the Program,
Celebrate Brooklyn: Frank London's Yiddish Carnival,
Prospect Park Bandshell, July 15, 2007

 " . . . voice, that sometimes sounds like the growl of a wounded, wild animal."

Di Nekht fun Amol
Published Nov 3/15, issue of Nov 27.

"... professional critics and educated listeners have taken Krakowski's music quite seriously."

--From Jeffrey Janeczko
Negotiating BoundariesThe Song is Not the Same: Jews and American Popular Music, Zuckerman, Kun and Ansell, Editors Purdue University Press 2011



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